I’m Really Bad At Websites, And Maybe Life

Jay B&W2.jpg

Hello there,

I’m not Jay Malone (long story) but this IS my only page right now, so thanks for stopping by! I’m currently in the process of abandoning my other pages entirely. Not in a vindictive way, mind you. Not cutting relationships. Just kindly letting go of all the various places I waste (ahem) spend time. Spring cleaning then. Trimming the hedges.

So this will be the only place I will exist soon, other than the actual space I occupy, in reality, surrounded by my children, Lebanese wife, AND parents. So… I’ll likely be here a lot more often soon, as a bit of an escape (ahem) creative outlet.

I do have a couple of children’s books, one of them is more for adults, and still do some decent standup comedy as well. So feel free to contact me below for anything and everything. But I’m quite preoccupied working on a very special project right now. Thanks!

Robert MacDonald (aka Jay Malone)